Monday, 2 October 2017

Book review:White Lies

Do you ever read a book at a certain time and then forever more associate it with then? That happened to me with White Lies by Ellie Holmes on my recent trip to Edinburgh. Although I was kindly sent the book to review some time back, it took several train journeys to give me the time to read it.

The fact that one of the main charachters(David) is Scottish had me seeing him in the men I passed. The story premise is simple. While struggling through a wearied marriage, a collision occurs that only serves to  the test that same marriage further. 
The books draws the reader in from the start, the first chapter sees strained married couple Sam and Neil driving home after birthday celebrations. The car collides with motorcyclist David and the story kicks off from there. 

We're led along a journey in which we see Neil attempt to atone for a past infidelity, Sam try to reconcile her marriage and David recover from his injuries. It's clever and doesn't always take the route that the reader expects.

I'll admit I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, the current of under tension from the constant white lies coming from the characters means I'll be giving it a 8/10.

The book was released in July 2017 and kindly sent to me for reviewing unpaid and under my own steam.

Would you read White Lies?

Abi x