Wednesday, 31 January 2018

A year in review:2017

Any year comes with its ups and downs but 2017 was one that personally showed that to me.
It’s been simultaneously an awful year for me and also a great year. 
Looking at the lows first:
I lost my Granddad, even nearly 6 months on I couldn’t help but shed a tear at the thought of him not seeing 2018. 
I saw the end of a long term relationship. It’s something that was failing for a long time, but when you’ve invested that time and emotion in it’s hard to see clearly. It came a massive shock to me.
I’ve failed my driving test. A goal of mine this year was to pass it and I’m really gutted I didn’t.

On the flip side? There’s been plenty of highs. 
I ran my first race and then a further three on top of it! 
I moved back to Liverpool, which was a big moment for me and my independence and living on my own again. 
I spent time in new teams in work. I’m one of the more senior junior physios(makes sense in my head) and I feel like I’m still learning so much, I love it. 
I discovered new shows: particularly Rick and Morty and It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, hands up for fellow watchers. 
I went to more events for this wee blog. Was involved with more book blog tours than ever and started my YouTube channel back up! 

New Years is a great time for reflecting back on your life. For some it can be hard to see the highs next to the lows but I promise you they’ll be there. It’s easy to compare to other people, especially those who celebrate there good parts of the year. Hard to acknowledge that they will have had bad times too. That it’s normal for life to not be 100% amazing all the time. 
As January starts to really kick in, a lot of people find that their mood drops. 
For me it’s a good time to remind myself that I’ve got a whole year for more good and bad times. A whole year to make new experiences and memories. 

I’ve never bought into the “New Year, New Me” mantra. Instead it’s always been about new opportunities for me. I’ll always be me, I’m changing all the time and growing. It doesn’t take a change in date for that to happen.

I think what this ramble has been trying to say is that:
  • You can change at any time
  • There’s nothing wrong with reflecting back on your year just don’t compare to other people
  • If you’re struggling in January, you’re not the only one.
  • There’s a whole year waiting for new opportunities 
Abi x